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Optimise your asset maintenance schedules

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Scheduled Servicing e.g. PAT tests

Ad-hoc Servicing

Pre-use Task

Service Schedule Tracker Dashboard

On Acceptance Task

After-use Task

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Never miss important task and servicing notifications and ensure your assets are used to their optimum

Ensure your critical everyday equipment is always safe, usable and remains in action by using the tasks and servicing module. This module automates scheduled servicing/tasks, processes ad hoc tests with questionnaires and enables the set-up of equipment fault notices. These, when required, are escalated to the appropriate personnel to ensure an item is quarantined and replaced immediately.

Generate ad-hoc tasks and tests

Every individual task or test can have simple information recorded such as completed time and date, who it was completed by etc. More importantly, every inspection or service will have a completion questionnaire attached, allowing for detailed information to be logged for a specific maintenance process. Technicians will also have the ability to view any PPE wear required to perform an activity and take photos of asset faults, which will automatically be displayed within the systems interface.

This module’s aim is for management to gain a panoramic view of their entire inventory. Managerial staff can log into Pro-Cloud Ambulance in real-time and view all incomplete, passed, and failed activities. If an activity fails custom email alerts can be arranged so issues are resolved as quickly as possible, allowing for full analysis of failure trends therefore enabling better procurement decisions based on these results.

And that's not all... benefit from

Reduce faulty equipment rates by ensuring tasks and servicing are completed when requested

Ensure health and safety procedures are always met

Maximise the use of equipment and avoid the need for expensive equipment replacements

Report on failure trends and make better procurement decisions based on these results