Business Intelligence Reporting

Analyse every part of your inventory and spot trends within moments

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    Stock Management

    Task & Testing Tracking

    Asset Purchase and Depreciated Value

    Stock Movement

    Asset Replacement Forecasting

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    Keep control of your ambulance service operations by utilising our reporting options

    Business Intelligence Reporting is a business analytics service by Microsoft, which aims to provide interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end-users to create their reports and dashboards. It allows for both in-built and bespoke reports to be generated at any time, allowing you to drill down and analyse every part of your operation, with a variety of data sets to choose from.

    Pro-Cloud has an in-built library of reports that can be created anytime or if required something more customised can be created for you. All reports can export to PDF, Word, Excel or .csv format.

    Transparent Analytical Management Reporting

    Ensure your business is running as it should and spot trends at a glance. Act on your findings within moments and make sure past and present business trends can be used for in-depth auditing purposes when applicable.

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    Keep Workforce Performance high

    Having access to reporting options enables you to evaluate individual and team performance. Reports can compare KPI’s and drill down into specific areas of interest, providing you with the tools to feedback to your people and boost every day performance.

    And that's not all... benefit from

    Provide comprehensive audit reports

    A full historic audit trail of asset and consumable usage, enabling comparisons to occur and trends to be realised

    Immediate staff management, incorporating if key performance indicators are being met by individuals and teams

    Improved budgetary decisions

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      Please check our Privacy Notice For more details on how we process and protect your data.